How can I update my credit card information on file?

You can update your credit card information at any time during your membership by contacting our Billing Department at (800) 775-0283 ext. 110, or by faxing in a copy of the Credit Card Authorization Form at (888) 736-9205.

Where can I access my invoices?

For security and tracking purposes, outside access to the profile websites and directory listings is not allowed. Monthly invoices are provided to you in the form of your monthly call report, which are sent on/around your monthly billing cycle date. Specific transaction receipts can be obtained by contacting our Billing Department at (800) 775-0283 ext. 110.

We faxed in our 30-day prior written notice of cancellation and we were still charged another membership fee, why?

Our Cancellation Policy states, according to our Terms and Conditions, that we require 30-days prior written Notice of Cancellation sent via fax or certified mail. Once we have received your written notice of cancellation, you are contractually obligated to one final monthly membership fee. After 30 days, your profile website and directory listings will be terminated and removed.

I sent an email with my cancellation information, but my membership has not been cancelled. Why?

While it is our goal to ensure maximum exposure and patient conversions for each client, we understand some clients will cancel. Unfortunately, we will not accept an email as a written Notice of Cancellation.

According to our Terms and Conditions, our Cancellation Policy states that we require 30-days written Notice of Cancellation sent via fax or certified mail only to:

Akamai Innovations, Inc.

216 Mount Hermon Rd., Suite E344

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Facsimile: 888-736-9205

Once we receive your 30-day prior written Notice of Cancellation, you will receive email confirmation from our Billing Department with your final billing and termination date.