Can I receive my Call Reports weekly?

We love when our clients take interest in their memberships and take the time to review and follow up on their call reports! Unfortunately, our Call Reporting system is automated, and scheduled to send out reports based on your monthly billing cycle date. The purpose of these monthly reports is for you to see the positive ROI that has been generated for your practice, from your profile website. Having staff available to answer the phone during business hours is imperative in converting potential patients!

Why do we receive calls before and after hours?

All call times are shown in Pacific Time, as we are based in California. Please consider this information when reviewing your monthly Call Reports.

We used to get a lot of calls, but have recently seen a decline. Is there a reason why?

Call volumes will always fluctuate month-to-month, due to many uncontrollable outside variables. Periods of increased or decreased call volumes are not uncommon, and are not typically alarming. Our Web Development Team is constantly monitoring our clients’ profile websites to ensure they are receiving the most calls possible for their area. Please keep in mind that your call report only includes tracked calls made through the phone number and unique 3-digit extension assigned to your clinic. You are likely receiving many calls from potential patients who discover your practice through the profile website and directory listings we have up for you, but who may find and call your office directly.

Can we use a local number instead of the 800-number?

Our 800-numbers and extensions are integral parts of our marketing program, and unfortunately, we are unable to change them. They enable us to track every call generated from our directories and profile websites that was connected to your office. We then present this information to you via your monthly call report, so you can see the positive ROI being generated for your practice.

It’s been over 30 days, why haven’t I received my first call report?

Your first call report is due to be sent to you after the first 60 days of your membership. This gives your profile website and directory listings time to be recognized online, and begin generating calls for your practice. Once you receive this initial 60-day call report, you will receive your call reports consistently, every 30 days, on or around your billing cycle date.

For more information regarding your monthly Call Reports, the detailed breakdown and how to read them, please visit our Call Report Information Page. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact our Member Support Department at