Information Provided within Call Reports

Your Call Report summarizes all of the new patient referrals generated through your membership, profile website and listings on our directories. These include the total number of calls from prospective patients to your clinic and the total number of email referrals you have received during the previous month.

The “DATE” column represents the date the call was made.

The “TIME” column represents what time the call was made. All calls are in Pacific Time so adjustments to reflect your time zone will need to be made to determine time of call.

The “FROM” column in the report represents the phone number of the prospective patient/caller who may be looking for a doctor, wishes to get more info about your program, or wants to schedule an appointment.

The “FORWARDED TO” column represents the number that was provided to us by you for redirecting phone calls. All calls received through the web site are routed to this phone number.

The “DURATION” column reflects the length of the call.

The “RESULTS” column represents the result of the call. Definitions of possible ‘results’ include;

  • Accepted: The call was successfully connected to your office
  • Missed: Staff did not answer incoming call, or caller hung up.
  • Rejected: Caller got a busy signal on your line or there was a compatibility issue with your phone system.

Short call duration can be due to several circumstances including; the call was not answered, the caller asked staff a brief question, a voice message was left, or an appointment was quickly scheduled. In some circumstances clinic staff may have returned these calls.

If you experience a “Low Call Volume” please understand that call volume fluctuates month to month. If your profile website has only been live for a short time, please keep in mind your call volume will increase over time.

Do you have additional questions? Please visit our Call Report FAQ’s section for additional answers. For further questions, please contact our member support team at 800-775-0283 Ext. 101

EXAMPLE of a call report: