Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding our policies for what can & cannot be included on your profile.

Personalizing Your Profile | Advertising on Profile | Styling Your Profile


Personalizing Your Profile

Q: Can I include unique information like office hours and driving directions?

A: Yes, in fact, we encourage you to provide as many unique details such as these to make prospective patients feel informed and comfortable about their first visit.

Q: Can I access my profile to make updates and changes on my own?

A: No. For security and trace-ability, access to edit your profile is limited to our web development department. It is our goal to have all requested changes completed within 2-3 business days of your request. You will receive an email from our member support department once your changes have been completed.

Q: Can I change images on my profile?

A: Yes, we can change the banner image, widget images and sidebar images.

Q: Can you use images that I provide?

A: No we cannot; copyright laws require us to purchase the rights of each of the images we use on the profiles. This helps us protect our unique marketing strategy for each client. If you are interested in having specific types of images or a certain demographic of image subjects used on your profile, we are happy to work with you in choosing images that meet those criteria from our vast library.

Q: Can I upload a logo or videos?

A: Yes! You may submit your logo via email to the member support team. Videos may not contain your direct phone number or a URL linking to outside websites so as to not hinder our ability to track leads generated by your profile website.

Q: Can you edit my videos?

A: No we cannot. We ask that you submit completed and finalized versions of your videos in the highest quality possible meeting the aforementioned criteria above.

Q: Do you just take the content from my website and use it word for word?

A: No. Our web development team will harvest relevant content from your personal site and re-write and or re-organize it to be unique on your profile site. The only content we will use without changing would be sections that are unique to you such as practitioner Bio’s and organizational mission statements, etc.

Q: Can you add my logo in the header?

A: Some template choices allow us to add a custom logo to the header, if this is something you are interested in please contact member support to see if your theme is supported.

Q: Can I have my new patient packet on my profile for patients to print out?

A: Yes, as long as your new patient packet does not list any phone numbers to your office other than the one we provided to you.

Q: Can we set up my profile to submit new patient paperwork and forms through the site itself?

A: No, your profile does not include a secure patient portal and thus is not HIPAA compliant. We ask that any sensitive information regarding your patients be sent directly to your office.


Advertising on Your Profile Website

Q: Am I able to use the URL of my profile on my own website, business cards, social media pages, etc?

A: Yes you are!

Q: Can you use a domain that I already own for my profile?

A: No. The domain we choose for your profile is a strategic and proprietary part of our SEO and marketing strategy. All of the domain names come directly from our library have been tried for conversion.

Q: Can I choose my own domain name?

(Example: My practice is in Monterey and I want a domain that says “Monterey” in it.)

A: No. There is a comprehensive research process conducted by our web development team to determine which domain name suits your market and clinic the best, and we reserve the right to make the final decision on your domain name in the interest of our marketing efforts.

Q: Can we add Logos from other sources such as brand endorsements or media outlets?

(i.e. a The New York Times logo if I had an article published there?)

A: Only if you provide written permission from that source.

Q: Can you include pricing on my profile?

A: No we do not include pricing in an effort to provide patients with an objective directory focused on each practitioner’s skill and experience and not on a price tag. Our directories feature hundreds of clinics and physicians providing similar services across the nation. Naturally, prices for services vary based on clinic, geographic location, demographic, etc. and we would hate for a potential patient to skip over your listing simply based on the fact that there are “cheaper” doctors on the page.

Q: Can we add a flyer for a promotional event such as a seminar at my office?

A: Yes we can!

Q: Can I add a personalized disclaimer on my profile?

A: Yes, disclaimers may be added.

Q: Can I add links to my online store? How about links to my Facebook page or personal website?

A: No, we do not out link to any ecommerce pages or any outside websites so as to not drive traffic away from your profile; however, you can add a link to your profile on your personal webpage if you would like.


Styling Your Profile Website

Q: Can I change the design choice of my website down the line if I change my mind?

A: Changing the design template of your profile website would require us to completely rebuild it from the ground up. While this is something we can and have done for clients in the past, you will be assessed a $499 rebuild fee for the work required to complete the change.

Q: Can I customize the color of the template? Font? Background design? Navigation bar?

A: No. This is a template website that has been tried and tested to be a lead generating machine. All the designs and templates are focused on converting visitors to prospective patients while keeping our membership fees and startup costs at a minimum. If you are interested in a fully custom website that offers complete customization, please contact member support to request a custom website consultation.

Q: How many pages can I have listed in the navigation bar?

A: You may have 5-6 pages, depending on the title of the pages and what theme you have selected.

Q: What type of pages can I get in the navigation bar?

A: Choices for content pages included in the navigation bar include:  Benefits of BHRT, What is BHRT, BHRT FAQ’s, Hormone Replacement for Men, Bioidentical Hormones for Women, Anti-Aging, Conditions Treated with BHRT and an About Page (focused on your clinic/practitioner). If you wish to add pages that are not listed here, please contact member support to discuss in further detail.

Q: Can we add a second physicians name into the header of the site?

A: Due to the limited amount of characters in that text field, we can use only one name in the header.

Q: Is it possible for me to view my profile on my mobile device?

A: Yes! Your profile is fully mobile responsive and meets all the new specifications for mobile search optimization.


If you did not find an answer to your question here, or you would like more information on our policies,

please contact our member support team at 800.775.0283 Ext. 101